Waterside stories

After a long break from publishing any portrait and fashion photography, I’m pleased to show you my latest work. Together with Caitlyn we managed to create a series of dreamy images as the sun set over a lake. Shooting with Cait was a walk in the park – she didn’t even question jumping into the cold water! Look out for more of our creative projects soon!


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Foodie Recipes: Foccacia

This Italian pizza-like bread appetizer was so good it literally disappeared within minutes. Amazing with just a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt, but you can top it with pretty much anything you wish: cheese, onion, panchetta , rosemary or anchovies with olives like I did. Just make sure to keep it simple – after all it’s not a pizza. With this easy recipe you can see for yourself how long it will survive when shown to your housemates 🙂 Continue reading “Foodie Recipes: Foccacia”

Foodie Recipes: The Ultimate Hummus

Here it is. The ultimate hummus recipe. This velvety chickpea paste has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. Made of healthy ingredients, it’s the best guilt-free dip or bread spread you could imagine. It’s also the perfect addition to your daily portion of fresh veggies. I guarantee your life will never be the same after trying this hummus goodness 😀

Today was the first time I’ve tried making it with homemade tahini (sesame seed) paste and trust me, it makes a huge difference. Continue reading “Foodie Recipes: The Ultimate Hummus”

Foodie Recipes: Chiacchiere

After a longer blogging break I am back with a recipe for Chiacchiere, angel wings or faworki. No, unfortunately there aren’t any chia seeds in this recipe. This sweet crispy ribbon pastry takes minutes to make and deep-fry. Traditionally found in several European countries, they are eaten mainly around the time of carnival. How does your national cuisine refer to angel wings? I hope you’ll give them a try if you haven’t tried them yet! 🙂 Continue reading “Foodie Recipes: Chiacchiere”

Windmills of Zaandam

As soon as I found out that my family would be visiting me here in the Netherlands, I knew we had to go on a day trip together. Even though the idea seemed very cheesy, I wanted to take them somewhere highly traditional. What could possibly be more Dutch than windmills, clogs,  façade architecture, the headquarters of Albert Heijn – the most popular supermarket chain in the Netherlands and countryside landscapes so beautiful, Claude Monet spent half a year creating paintings depicting the area. Here is my vlog from Zaandam, stay tuned for the pictures!