A Traveller’s Diary: Strolling around Portofino

Today’s Traveller’s Diary takes you to the charming little village of Portofino, located in the region of Liguria. The typical Italian architecture in colourful hues combined with the azure waters of the harbour creates yet another picturesque view. Despite its reputation of a unique resort often visited by celebrities, it looked a lot more modest to me than I expected. The village is suprisingly tiny and does not have a lot to offer to the tourists who prefer a rather active holiday. It is perfect for mere relaxation with its variety of cute, cozy restaurants and the closely situated beaches. Additionally, the harbour is filled with numerous fashionable and accordingly ridiculously priced boutiques. Also, if you happen to possess a boat of your own, you are likely to enjoy this place more than I did.

When it comes to popular and expensive Italian resorts of this sort, this one was definitely my least favorite, although still an amazing place to see and photograph. I was mesmerized a lot more by Sirmione in Lombardy and the Island of Capri in Campania (look out for future Traveller’s Diary entries about these). I did, however, much enjoy peeking into the posh yachts at the harbour and admiring the scenery as a whole. In general, I would say Portofino is definitely a place to visit, either for a few lazy days of sunbathing and spending money or just dropping by for a few hours while making a road trip in the Italian Riviera, depending on your holiday preferences and budget.

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