A Traveller’s Diary: Impressions of Warsaw

Last week I’ve had the opportunity to rediscover the center of Warsaw after a decade. I must admit that before this visit my opinion about the city was not the most favourable one. Nevertheless, the few days spent there have pleasantly surprised me. Although most inhabitants of Warsaw still aren’t the friendliest, I couldn’t have asked for better company. The city has become a lot more modern than I remember and a great shopping destination too. I was happy to see so many places selling fresh vegan food such as Krowarzywa, with its minimalistic interior. Sometimes its good to change the environment, get lost in a big city and explore unknown places. Here is a visual diary of my Warsaw trip. Please note that my visit revolved around running errands rather than sightseeing. I hope to come back sometime for more exploring.




4 thoughts on “A Traveller’s Diary: Impressions of Warsaw

  1. I love this. Especially the featured photo and the first one in the series (the much discussed Stalin building — it strangely attracts me 😉 ). Hope to see more of your trips soon!

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